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Student's Manual


If any student cannot access his/her account (even after applying Forget Password) then leave a mail at [email protected].

All New students are requested to follow the steps below in order to complete their course registration.

Step 1. Find out your official email
Step 2. Setup official email account
Step 3. Follow the Student's Manual


MME: Md. Irfan Khan, Email: [email protected]
CE: Mr. Kazi Abu Manjur, Email: [email protected]
ChE: Mr. Akib Atique Khan Dhrubo, Email: [email protected]
FE: Mr. Md. Hasan Tarek Mondal, Email: [email protected]
Arch: Fariha Seraj, Email: [email protected]
IPE: Mr. Rotan Kumar Saha, Email: [email protected]
ME: Mr. Saddam Hossen, Email: [email protected]
CSE: Mst. Sumaya Khatun, Email: [email protected]
EEE: Mr. Md. Mazharul Islam, Email: [email protected]
TE: Dr. Anamul Hoque Bhuiyan, Email: [email protected]